Wanting to find out how much your home is worth?


Have an obligation free property appraisal with a McGrath Sales Agent and we will provide you with a property valuation estimate, including an assessment of your property, its location, recent comparable sales and an estimated price guide.


Simply enter your details below and one of our local agents will be in touch to help answer the "how much is my house worth" or "what can I sell my property for" questions.



Comprehensive assessment of your property

Our agents will review your property and assess its key selling features.  They will look at your property’s size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, condition of the property, its fixtures and fittings and the quality of any renovations.

Assessment of your property's location

A review of your property’s potential buyer appeal based on its proximity to amenities, schools, shops and desirable locations.

Recent local real estate sales

Analysis of the current local market, what similar properties are for sale and what sold in the last 90 days - and for how much.

PROPERTY price guide

Your local McGrath Sales Agent will provide you with a property value estimate, or what we call a price guide.  

Local Buyer Insights

Your local McGrath Sales Agents know what local buyers want and what they are prepared to pay more for.  During their visit to your home, they would love to discuss this, along with specific ways in which you can add value to your property.




At McGrath, we believe that when you sell your house or unit it can be stress-free, exciting and very profitable, when in the right hands. Over many years, we have developed a system that replaces uncertainty with certainty and helps maximise your outcome. 


In fact, we believe our job is not just to sell your property, it is about selling your property for a premium price. In the process, we aim to create a relationship that will last a lifetime.  So, as the sold sign goes up, we see the relationship as truly beginning.


When you sell with McGrath, you can relax in the knowledge that you have chosen the real estate company that delivers above all others. Realise more with McGrath.




5 philosophies that underpin our outstanding results:


  • Initial briefing – we consider your goals, priorities, property details and the neighbourhood to build a strategy that is focused on delivering outstanding results
  • Property valuation / pricing analysis – we set the price range for strongest buyer interest.  We know the best price is typically offered within the first 30 days. We focus all our resources on achieving a premium price within that period
  • Presentation –  the details really matter.  We identify and work with you to resolve any items that may cause buyer concern and how to get your property on the market
  • Marketing and analysis – we are experts at reaching the maximum number of potential buyers – passive and active, local and out of area.  This is key to our success
  • Finalising the sale – we focus all our resources on maximising the price with competitive tension and respectively guiding the sale to completion


In the process, we aim to create a relationship that will last a lifetime.  So as the sold sign goes up, we see the relationship as truly beginning.




Understanding how much your house is worth or the market value of your unit can help ensure you better understand your net worth. It can also help you make smarter financial decisions.


Even if you're not looking to sell your house or apartment, there are some common life events when getting a property appraisal and being able to answer the 'how much is my house worth' questions makes sense:


  • You are looking to renovate and want to align to local buyers ‘must-haves'
  • You have recently completed your renovations and are keen to find out the impact on your market value
  • Your local market has fluctuated and you are keen to understand what that means to you
  • You are looking to invest and keen to get an estimated property valuation on your house or unit

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    45 MINUTE property visit
    Your local McGrath Sales Agent will be in touch and organise an informal visit to your property.
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    appraisal figure
    After our meeting, we will provide you with a detailed property report as well as a summary of the current market conditions and a suggested price guide.