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Michelle Truswell McGrath Real Estate Property Manager North Lakes

Michelle Truswell

Senior Property Manager
Always a pleasure to deal with, Michelle Truswell is a community-minded property manager with a genuine desire to assist those in need. A key member of McGrath’s North Lakes team, she’s lived locally for over 12 years, bringing a wealth of specialised knowledge to the table. An expert negotiator and conciliator, Michelle loves the challenge of bringing parties together for beneficial outcomes. Her passion for helping people is highlighted by her involvement with the SafeHome Alliance, which assists survivors of DFV in finding safe housing. She’s also developed connections with other charitable organisations, including InCommunity Connect, to support vulnerable families needing to secure their tenancies. A hard working and diligent property manager who thrives amid the fast pace and daily challenges of the industry, Michelle Truswell’s open honest nature and commitment to exceptional service make her the ideal representative of such a highly respected McGrath brand.
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