Shagufta Patel

Sales Agent
Specialty Suburbs
Tenacious, empathetic and focussed, Shagufta is extraordinary with a reputation of producing incomparable results. Personable, approachable and understanding, Shagufta enjoys meeting new people and building lasting relationships with clients and customers. She is driven to exceed expectations and produce win-win outcomes, and is thrilled to be part of an innovative, hardworking and ethical brand that's changing the face of the real estate industry. Loyal, trustworthy and caring, it is important to Shagufta that her clients achieve the outcomes they desire. Her ability to attract phenomenal results exceeds everyone’s expectations. Highly relatable and a proud mother of two children, she values family relationships. Shagufta’s deep local insight and “never stop as you don’t know what is achievable” attitude, are reasons why you should entrust her with your property goals.
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