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Our Multi-lingual service for the asian market

McGrath established its Asia Desk in direct response to the need for real estate services of the highest quality in the Asia-Pacific region. We help Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean and Vietnamese language speaking clients.

Our aim is to create a community for our Asia-Pacific clients, both domestically and internationally. To date, our Asia Desk has directly assisted in over $408 million worth of sales.


Our professional services panel can provide support for property transactions in Australia. This covers property sourcing and settlement, market surveys and taxation, investment and immigration advice. Our aim is to be a one-stop-shop for the Asia-Pacific community.


The services of the Asia Desk also extend to property management. Supporting Asian property owners in the development of marketing materials and the acquisition of quality tenants. We also ensure that all of our properties are presented to the best range of buyers, wherever they might be. 


Our Asia Desk is an opportunity as much as it is a resource. Managed by Davey Hong, a McGrath Sales Specialist with over 14 years of real estate experience, we welcome you to get in touch with Davey.


McGrath Report 2021

Every year McGrath Estate Agents publishes The McGrath Report and the 2021 Report is now available.


The Report offers in-depth analysis of the Australian real estate market across the East Coast, looking at what’s happened, what’s ahead and John McGrath’s top picks state-by-state. Additionally, we take a look at four significant trends that we see having an impact on the future of real estate and with COVID-19 having an impact globally, this year’s report is a must-read. 


To get your copy of The McGrath Report 2021 in Simplified Chinese, click here.




我们的专业服务平台可为澳大利亚的房地产交易起辅助的作用。这包括寻找房地产资源,完成交易, 市场调查和税收, 投资和移民建议。我们的目标是成为亚太区域的一站式团体联盟。


亚洲平台的服务可扩展到物业管理, 协助房地产所有者准备营销材料, 寻找并筛选优质的租客。我们并确保把我们的房源展示给最广泛的买家。




我们亚洲平台即可带来机会,也可成为信息的源出。由拥有超过14年房地产经验的McGrath销售专员Davey 洪管理, 我们欢迎您与Davey联系。



McGrath 2021年度报告

McGrath Estate Agents每年均会发布《McGrath年度报告》,现在,2021年度报告已新鲜出炉。


此《报告》对横跨澳大利亚东海岸的房地产市场进行了深入的分析,不仅有现状观察和未来预测,还有John McGrath先生亲手奉上的各州城市精选。此外,我们还重点探讨我们认为将影响房地产未来的四大趋势,由于目前新冠病毒正肆虐全球,今年的这份报告更是您的必读资料。



有关“ McGrath 2021年度报告”的简体中文版本,请单击此处。

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