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Do you own an apartment investment property or an investment house?  Get a rental appraisal from your local Property Manager and receive a detailed report of your property, a summary of the current market conditions, a rental pricing guide and practical information on how to unlock greater returns from your property investment. 

Simply fill out the form below and one of our Property Managers will be in touch.



Assessment of your property investment

Your local property manager will comprehensively review your property investment and assess its key features and rental appeal.  They will look at your property’s size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, parking, condition of the property, its fixtures and fittings and the quality of any renovations.
What Do I Receive In A Renal Appraisal - Assessment Of Your Rental Investment
What Do I Receive In A Renal Appraisal - Assessment Of Location

Assessment of your property investment's location

They will review your property’s potential renter appeal, based on its location, its proximity to amenities, schools, shops and desirable locations.

Recent data of comparable rental properties

Analysis of the current local market, what similar properties are available for rent and what has been rented in the last 90 days - and for how much.
What Do I Receive In A Renal Appraisal - Recent Data Of Comparable Rentals
What Do I Receive In A Renal Appraisal - Suggested Rental Price Guide

Suggested rental price guide for your property investment

They will provide you with a suggested rental pricing guide for your property.

Recommended marketing campaign

Creating a high impact marketing campaign is a critical ingredient to attract the best quality tenants when real estate investing.  We have the experience to guide you through this process. 
What Do I Receive In A Renal Appraisal - Recommended Marketing Campaign
What Do I Receive In A Renal Appraisal - Where To Add Value

Opportunity to discuss where to add value

Your local property manager is aware of what local renters want and what they are prepared to pay more for.  They will share these recommendations on how to add value to your investment, to help you create a high yield property investment.




At McGrath, we don’t believe that our job is just to manage your property. We see our role as delivering a premium service and working with you to maximise your property investment's potential.


Our team of highly skilled Property Managers, combined with our unique McGrath Leasing System and six-star service, ensures we deliver exceptional results, outstanding customer experience and lifelong relationships with our clients.

Why Should You Rent Your Property With McGrath



5 Step McGrath Leasing System

Our five step property management system has been developed and enhanced over 30 years, to ensure we deliver the best possible results.


  • Initial briefing – we take time to understand your goals, priorities, property details and your neighbourhood. This enables us to build a strategy aligned to your goals
  • Pricing analysis – we agree a price that will generate the strongest enquiry levels and find the best tenants
  • Set to lease – we resolve issues and ensure your property is compliant with local legislation. We also offer practical recommendations on property enhancements that will help maximise tenant appeal and rental price
  • Marketing and inspections – creating a marketing campaign is required to reach the maximum number of potential tenants – passive and active, local and out of area
  • Finalising the tenancy – once a tenant is found, we focus all our resources on the professional ongoing management of your property, from repairs and maintenance to long term value creation




Here are the top six reasons to use McGrath to manage your property investment:


  • Our database - with access to tens of thousands of prospective tenants, marketing your property becomes easier
  • McGrath website - receives over 520,000 visits each month and more than 12 million-page views per year
  • Online booking - 24/7 access to book a property inspection from any device of your choice
  • Application process - tenants can apply online and we will carry out a detailed assessment of their references, plus identity and tenancy database checks, before selecting the most suitable tenant for you
  • Lease signup - before the tenant moves in, documentation regarding condition of your property will be provided in a detailed report including photos, reviewed with all parties
  • We provide property management services in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT with key focus areas in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra
Reasons To Choose McGrath Property Management



McGrath Value Add Services - Trades You Can Trust

Trades you can Trust

We can help take care of your property investment even before it goes to market - with our team of trusted local tradespeople. From touching up paintwork to organising a gardener to make the outside space look immaculate.

Cleaners for your property investment

Your property investment should look its best for all inspections.  We can arrange for it to be professionally cleaned before it is open for viewing.
McGrath Value Add Services - Cleaners
McGrath Value Add Services - Insurance


Having a McGrath Property Manager look after your property investment could make you eligible for discounts from insurance companies.  We can help point you in the right direction, so you are protected against unforeseen issues such as rental arrears, damage and property repairs.

Tax Depreciation

A key benefit of owning a property investment is the ability to claim depreciation on your asset.  We work with a team of qualified Quantity Surveyors to prepare Tax Depreciation Schedules for our clients to ensure they are claiming all the allowances possible.
McGrath Value Add Services - Tax Depreciation
McGrath Value Add Services - Oxygen Home Loans

Oxygen Home Loans

We have a large team of Oxygen Home Loan brokers who, free of charge, can find and negotiate the most competitive loan and fastest pre-approval possible.

Renovating your property investment

Renovating can increase the value of your property investment and improve your rental return. It may also help attract and retain better quality tenants while also offering depreciation considerations. Your local McGrath Property Manager can assist in this process.
McGrath Value Add Services - Renovations




Why Should I Get A Rental Appraisal

As a real estate investor, a key priority is to ensure you are maximising your rental returns on your property investment.


You should be asking your property manager these questions each year when they conduct a rental appraisal:


  • When is the appropriate time for a rental appraisal?
  • How much rent should you be charging to be competitive in your local market?
  • How do you know what tenants are looking for?
  • How can you add value and appeal to your investment?


An annual rental appraisal is an important step to ensure you’re charging the right rent, making the most out of your investment and maximising your rental returns.

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