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"The difference between a good property manager and a great one often comes down to what happens after your property has been leased".

John McGrath

Leasing your home out should be a rewarding move for landlord and tenant, but it never feels that easy. Every property is different, and needs the right plan. McGrath has over 25 years experience managing investment properties for our clients. Residential or commercial, we’ve got a proven strategy and a comprehensive list of prospective tenants, to put the right people in the right home, every time.

Investment properties come in all shapes and sizes. In the 25+ years we’ve managing residential and commercial properties, from harbourside homes to humble terraces, commercial venues to industrial facilities, the one thing we know they all share in common is this: it’s not just about the price.

In fact, the key challenge (or, opportunity, as we see it), is putting the right people in the right place. That’s when it becomes a win-win situation.

Just as we do with sales, we develop a tailored marketing strategy for your property. This goes out to our exclusive tenant database, and to targeted local and online media. We help you find quality prospects, and then work with you and your tenants the whole way through the life of the lease to make sure it stays a genuine relationship.

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