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Renting an Apartment with McGrath

Finding that perfect apartment or unit to rent doesn’t have to be difficult with some help from McGrath.

Whether you’re looking for a small studio apartment for yourself or a larger, multi-bedroom residence for family members or roommates, McGrath’s wide range of apartment and unit listings is bound to have something that suits your needs. Our 25-plus years of experience in the Australian property industry has helped us develop a deep understanding of the market and its trends, which in turn helps us consistently offer tremendous properties.

One of the best aspects of our listings is just how comprehensive they are. We have a large selection of apartments and units from all over Australia, so you won’t have to sacrifice prime location to find a new place. Our collection of properties stretches from beachy coastal areas to bustling urban centres such as Sydney and Melbourne and their quieter surrounding suburbs.

We’re proud to list units and apartments with different benefits and features. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchen size, covered parking, heating and cooling and security are just some of the characteristics you can use to determine which apartment or unit is best for you.

Don’t feel like you have to ignore important wants and needs to get the apartment or unit you want. McGrath has an assortment of excellent properties at varying price points that could be perfect for you. Let us help you find your new place today.

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