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Joanna Burgess

Operations Manager
Joanna Burgess is an exemplary Operations Manager in a demanding role. Exuding experience and professionalism, Joanna executes her responsibilities to perfection. Deeply involved in compliance matters, she is accountable for ensuring correct procedures and protocol are adhered to throughout the entire agency. Alert, articulate and with strong attention to detail, she oversees documentation across all departments. A snapshot of her day includes scrutinising tenancy applications, agreements and insurance policies, through to producing accounting and financial reports. She is a valued member of a high performance team, who keeps her colleagues on track to guarantee the integrity of their work. Her keen attention to detail is a great asset when registering and tracking sales referrals, or checking the validity of Certificates of Registration, licenses and current CPD points. In a fast paced environment, Joanna can be counted upon to verify that McGrath’s reputation is not compromised.
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