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Saqib Rathor McGrath Real Estate Property Manager South Yarra

Saqib Rathor

Leasing Consultant
Specialty Suburbs
For leasing consultant Saqib Rathor, spending time to understand what his clients are looking for in a property takes priority. There is always something new to learn in his field and it's with this mindset that Saqib is able to service the South Yarra, Malvern, Kooyong, Toorak and Armadale with a great sense of appreciation. Through his strong background in rental property management, Saqib has become adept at connecting with people from all walks of life. He has a positive air about him that leaves customers feeling confident enough to open up and ask any question, making communication smooth throughout each transaction. As someone who constantly seeks out knowledge, Saqib is honoured to be a part of such a world class McGrath brand where he can gain a wealth of diverse experiences working alongside some of the best professionals in the industry. You'll be in capable hands with Saqib Rathor as an incredibly friendly and approachable leasing consultant at McGrath South Yarra.
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