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McGrath Magazine - Issue 40 - 16/11/19

Clinically Soft

issue 40
16/11/19 | 6 MIN READ

As a brand, Script Skincare has been founded on the principles of science and technology with a distinct human overlay element. Progressive and intuitive in approach, it was only appropriate that the brand’s new retail space mirrored this ethos with a store that was both futuristic and immersive, where visitors are invited to experience and interact with skincare like never before.


Cult Melbourne-based design studio, Hecker Guthrie, took the project on – determined to create an interior fit out as unique as the brand itself. Encapsulating the same sense of discovery that defines the skincare offering, the space is at once cutting edge and human-centred, where sleek lines and clinical surfaces are expertly balanced with warm hues and touches of tactility. 


Exquisitely refined and carefully considered, the brand’s outpost is a space built from individual zones that have been tessellated and curated to create a skincare experience. For Hecker Guthrie, these spaces allow visitors to take a journey of discovery much akin to the experience when undergoing and testing a new skincare regime.


The interior journey begins with insight and exploration, where custom displays offer the user an opportunity to take in the full range of products. It then moves through to education, where benches and areas for deeper understanding and learning can take place. Designed with purpose, these act as tactile touch points to encourage engagement with the materials, surfaces and products. The final stage is behind closed doors where patients can progress into treatment rooms. With individual programs and tailored approaches integral to the Script brand, this final stage completes the visitor’s journey, inviting the level of immersion that defines Script’s unique approach to skincare.


Throughout the space, materiality played a key role in setting the brand tone but also the overall feeling of the space. A key element throughout the palette was to incite a level of engagement and tactility, embodying a playful and futuristic feel. To achieve this, Hecker Guthrie used a combination of terrazzo in various tones, alongside polished stainless steel and glass. The clinical nature of stainless steel speaks to the futuristic and science-driven qualities embedded throughout the Script Skincare DNA. The floating mirrors and wave-like product displays provide simplistic, yet sculptural details in contrast to the rectilinear forms of the overall space, creating a dynamic sense of play.


The clean and uncluttered atmosphere within Script Skincare is designed to simplify the complex landscape of skincare. The space embraces technology and discovery, expressing an intrinsic nature of purity and restraint – the pillars on which the skincare brand was built upon. Hecker Guthrie embraces the beauty in simplicity, with a clear, visual identity echoed through a compelling retail journey.