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A Floral Affair

Issue 4
26/02/2020 | 6 MIN READ

There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly picked flowers, a warm cup of coffee and the coastal breeze whistling gently through the early morning. In Sydney’s Tamarama, this storybook vision has become a reality, with new arrival MyFlowerMan making its mark on the sleepy, beachside suburb. 


The brainchild of Kieran Birchall and Georgia Martin, MyFlowerMan is a sustainable florist, homewares and coffee destination that has already established itself in the Tamarama community. Having originally launched as an online business in 2014, Birchall and Martin jumped at the chance to give MyFlowerMan a permanent home, with Sydney’s east firming as the perfect place for a sea change.
“MyFlowerMan started almost five years ago in a very organic way. We worked online with a studio space in Rosebery and we were extremely grateful to be working in a such a stunning space,” Martin says. “However, we always discussed having a traditional shop front and being customer-facing, so at the start of last year we began looking for spaces and found our new store in Tamarama.” 


Over the years, MyFlowerMan’s ethos has made them a crowd-favourite amongst Sydneysiders. Well-known for their passion for local, sustainable and seasonal blooms, the duo’s guiding philosophy is all about curating simple, organic statement arrangements that focus on quality and the natural form of the flowers. It is this approach that has seen the duo grow a dedicated online following, with much of this clientele jumping at the opportunity to experience the florist in situ. 


The charming storefront is open and airy, framing the magic of MyFlowerMan inside. Split into two sides, the store is a curated selection of potted plants, vases and homewares on the left with an expansive florist’s workbench on the right. The back of the store is the realm of the flowers, with buckets overflowing with seasonal selections of hydrangeas, peonies and flannel flowers. 


Throughout the day, customers are invited to step into the store and browse the daily flower selection and ceramic offerings. Birchall and Martin are both on hand to create a bespoke bouquet and advise on floral selection, while a barista busily works beside them, making coffees for customers that mingle on the sidewalk.


“Our Tamarama store is a physical extension of our online store and brand. It’s just more of our brand across a tangible space and a retail experience we will continue to build on,” says Martin. “Our favourite thing about MyFlowerMan is that it’s ours. We started it from the ground up and while it has become its own entity, both Kieran and I have a very hands on and personal approach with the brand and what it brings to the community of Sydney.” 


It is this approach that makes MyFlowerMan what it is, personal, intimate and so much more than just your corner flower shop. This is a store that feels less like retail and more like coming home.