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The McGrath Report 2022

John McGrath
John McGrath
22/09/2021 | 25 MIN READ

In 2021, Australian house prices rose at their fastest rate in more than 17 years as reported by CoreLogic.


As the world navigates its way out of the COVID-19 and we embrace the silver linings that have risen from the pandemic, the value of the Australian property market continues to shine.


But what lies ahead? What changes to the way we live, work and play have on the property market? And where do we see the opportunities for investors, buyers and sellers across the Eastern States of Australia?


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What you will find in The McGrath Report 2022

  • Four key property market trends 
  • Analysis of the residential property market in Sydney and surrounds, Melbourne and surrounds, Brisbane and surrounds, the ACT and Tasmania.
  • John McGrath’s property hotspots and top picks for the:
    • Sydney property market
    • Melbourne property market
    • Brisbane property market
    • Canberra property market
    • Tasmania property market

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Property Market Trend 1

The Value Buy: Inner Ring Apartments

With our international borders closed, it brings an unprecedented opportunity for local owner occupiers and investors.


But where is the opportunity for home buyers and property investors?


Here we examine the radical change Australia’s cities have undergone as a result of COVID, what the current decentralisation of our key cities means and how long will it stay this way.


We unpack what the experts are predicting, and we look at the time limited opportunity buyers have before life returns to pre-pandemic levels of normalcy. 

Property Market Trend 2

Millennials Impact On The Property Market

Millennials are the first truly mobile generation -they shop and socialise online, embracing all that a digital native life has to offer.


It’s no surprise they do things differently to previous generations and in this trend, we explore how the largest portion of Australia’s population:


  • Think about home ownership
  • Tackle the challenge of affordability
  • Have reset the boundaries of property search and what’s important

Property Market Trend 3

Return of the neighbourhood

There are clear legacies emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. Here we explore how sociologists and researchers expect our workplaces, our homes and communities to change as we come out the other side of a once in a 100-year crisis.


In this trend, we explore:

  • How has the central point of our urban life has changed and question whether it has changed for ever
  • What do the experts predict for the workplace and how are some companies already evolving
  • How will communities and neighbourhoods feature in our lives and in our town planning

Property Market Trend 4

Will Holiday Homes Replace The Holiday?

How has the shift to blended working and strict international travel restrictions impacted the holiday rental and holiday home market?


In this trend we explore:


  • The rise of the digital nomad and workcations
  • The surge in domestic tourism and where holiday rental demand is centred
  • How the perfect storm of low interest rates, remote working and a desire to be safe and outside infection zones, has ensured growth in regional areas 

Sydney Property market & Surrounds

What’s fuelled the resurgence in economic confidence in New South Wales?


What impact did this have on the Sydney property market and the regional NSW property market?


Here we explore the triggers underpinning the market performance, where we see the property market heading into the future and the challenges we may face on the road ahead.


Plus, find out the suburbs John McGrath sees as the top picks for people on the hunt for property market across Sydney and surrounds.

Melbourne Property market & Surrounds

Although it’s not the shiniest star amongst the capital city recoveries, Melbourne’s property market comeback has been nothing short of incredible.


The fear of a property slump has been surpassed by record property listings, auction clearance rates and an optimism that is driving demand and a strong market revival.


Here we explore in detail what saved the Victorian property market from further impact as a result of the pandemic, who has benefited from the upswing and where market growth lies for savvy buyers and investors, including John McGrath top suburb picks.

Brisbane Property market & Surrounds

“Beautiful one day, perfect the next” is a slogan that resonates with many interstate buyers with Queensland seeing a population uptick since the start of COVID.


The inflow of new homeowners has sparked a development boom and has pushed property prices up to unprecedented levels. In fact, there are nearly as many million-dollar suburbs in Brisbane’s surrounding regional areas as its CBD.


But where are the opportunities for property buyers in Brisbane and surrounds? Be sure to read the top suburb picks from John McGrath for those in the property market.

Canberra Property market & Surrounds

As one of the best performing economies in the country over the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise the Canberra property market is booming, with their median house price rising by 20.6% to a new record high of $933,960 in the year to September 1, 2021.


Here we explore how Canberra remained economically resilient, where the growth was centred, why the area experienced such strong results and how the Canberra property market is expected to grow over the coming decade.


For those looking to the nation’s capital for where’s hot, don’t miss John McGrath’s top suburb picks for the Canberra property market.

Tasmania Property Market

After flying under the radar, the past decade has seen Tasmania become a sought-after cultural and lifestyle destination, riding a wave of economic and property prosperity.


In property terms, 2021 was a record-breaking year for the Apple Isle, with property values dominating the country’s growth performance with dwelling values rising almost 30% in the 12 months to November 30.


And as it emerges from some of the toughest COVID restrictions in Australia fuelled by generous State Government fiscal policies and monetary support, will we see Tasmania continue to flourish as the economists predict?


To find out more on this, as well as the suburbs John McGrath sees as the top picks for people looking for an astute buy in the market, gets your copy now.