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The McGrath Report 2021

The McGrath Report 2021

John McGrath
John McGrath
26/10/2020 | 25 MIN READ

Has COVID-19 changed the Australian real estate market forever?

In The McGrath Report 2021 we’ll answer this by taking a deep dive into the real estate market performance across the East Coast, provide you with John McGrath’s property hotspots and share our analysis on the four major trends we see impacting the real estate market looking into the future.


What to expect in our 52 page report:

•  A residential real estate market summary for Sydney & Surrounds, Melbourne & Surrounds, Brisbane & Surrounds and Canberra
•  Four property market trends
•  John McGrath's top suburb residential real estate picks 

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Turn insights into opportunity

covid-19 catalyst for change

The pandemic has been a searing experience for many Australians but there is a silver lining – we’ve had the chance to pause and ponder how we’re living our lives. 

Many people have made new choices as a result. The virus has become a catalyst for change that is seeing us refashioning our homes and rethinking where we want to live.


Jobs, infrastructure and connectivity have been the driving factors behind 67% of Australian residents living in one of eight capital cities. 

But COVID-19 and advanced technology has liberated Australians from their geographic shackles, with a growing number of people embarking upon a great regional relocation. 

International Appeal

History has shown that after major global catastrophes, Australia is seen as a safe haven with migrants flocking to the ‘lucky country’. 

COVID 19 has again highlighted Australia’s status internationally and whilst most of us are living the Australian dream, many migrants are dreaming of living in Australia.

gold mines to safe houses

Residential real estate has typically been a gold mine for ordinary Australian homeowners and investors. 

But in 2020, our economy weakened, and property took on new meaning, converting temporarily from gold mines to safe houses. 

For the latest real estate news on what’s happening in the East Coast property market, including property prices and property hotspots in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and the regional markets as well as property forecasts post COVID-19, The McGrath Report 2021 is a must-read.

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