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What Are The Best Ways To Advertise Or Promote Your Property?

What Are The Best Ways to Advertise Or Promote Your Property?

18/02/2021 | 3 MIN READ

One of the most important factors of a successful sales campaign is the marketing plan. A well-crafted plan will enable you to reach all possible local and active buyers as well as pinpointing potential passive and out of area buyers. A strong marketing campaign helps generate excitement and competition for your property. It is this competition that in turn can help drive up the sale price. 

A strong marketing campaign will most likely include a mix of different types of media; from signboards, internet marketing, print marketing, editorial and database marketing and more. Our Agents are experts at creating bespoke marketing plans for individual properties and will factor in the current state of the local market, your homes location along with factors such as your budget and the method of sale.

As the costs to market your property are separate to the agent’s commission, understanding the options you have at your fingertips is important. Here is a look at the range of marketing options you have for your property’s marketing plan:

1. Professional photographs, Video, floor plans and copywriting

Professional photos are a must have when selling your property. With the majority of people searching on online portals for a property, professional photos are a great way to ensure your property stands out and attracts attention. 

Copywriting and computer-generated floor plans are equally as critical. Most buyers will review the copy with keen interest and assess the benefits of the property. They will also closely review the floorplan before they come in for an inspection. Buyers like to determine how the configuration will work for them and their family even before they have stepped foot in the property.

At McGrath our leading property photographers will shoot an expansive selection of excellent quality digital photographs, which are used for all our colour advertising and prints for distribution to support editorial coverage in magazines and newspapers. To maximise the first impression of your property, our photographers work closely with a team of Photoshop experts who professionally colour correct and enhance every single image, resulting in a photography product that is second to none.


Property videos are a powerful and effective marketing tool that allows your buying audience to be fully immersed in its dynamic content. It enables buyers to inspect the property online and to understand the layout of the home and the lifestyle it offers prior to coming in for an inspection. In addition, if you are considering promoting your property on social media, videos receive higher engagement than single image posts.  


Buying a home is incredibly emotional and a compelling video brings a property to life and allows buyers to immerse themselves into the experience of the home and help establish an emotional connection with the property.

2. Signboards in front of the property 

Signboards play a critical role in the promotion of your property. Firstly, your local neighbourhood can see your home is for sale. This can flush out passive buyers who may not be actively looking. It also helps showcase some of the best features of your property, assists pre inspection drive by viewers and announces to the neighbourhood that your place
is on the market.

3. Agent database property promotion

Our agents all have active buyer database’s with contact details of people looking to buy a property just like yours. An email campaign to this group or possibly an open home viewing before marketing commences, can help generate excitement amongst an often highly motivated buyer audience. In many cases people on these databases have just missed out on a similar property to yours and are often highly motivated to buy.

At McGrath we also have access to a large exclusive overseas market. To find out more about this program please speak with us here. 

4. Print campaign of property brochures 

It is important to have printed material such as flyers and property brochures prepared for your property so all people who attend the open home can take your property details away
with them and use it as a future reference point. 

As part of the print campaign we also recommend mail cards as these are distributed through the neighbourhood and often uncover passive buyers who may have been eyeing off your property for a while.

5. Digital campaign across a range of websites, real estate portals and social media

McGrath Website

All our listings are promoted on the McGrath website. With over 800,000 visitors monthly to our website this is a valuable channel reaching millions of high net worth & overseas buyers each year.

Real Estate Website / portals 

With 97% of people using real estate portals such as domain.com.au and realestate.com.au and allhomes.com.au in the ACT to search for their next home, ensuring your property is promoted across these portals is a must. 

Social media advertising

Additionally, with the majority of people on social media on a daily basis, promoting your property on social media will ensure you are reaching people where they are spending their time.

At McGrath we have a number of social media packages so talk to your agent about which one is right for you. 

6. Local and National newspapers 

Whilst the majority of active buyers will see your property online, there are a number of ‘passive buyers’ who may not know they were looking until the right property comes up, or were taking a wait and see approach to buying. This market is often best reached by advertising in local and national newspapers. Buyers are often drawn to the property section of the national papers and if your property is advertised there it can benefit from this exposure. 

7.  Asia Desk

McGrath established its Asia Desk in direct response to the need for real estate services of the highest quality in the Asia-Pacific region. We help Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean and Vietnamese language speaking clients.

Our professional services panel can provide support for property transactions in Australia. This covers property sourcing and settlement, market surveys and taxation, investment and immigration advice. Our aim is to be a one-stop-shop for the Asia-Pacific community. 

A final word

Creating a strong marketing plan is critical for a successful property sale. Real estate agents are skilled at determining how to best market your property to create the most amount of excitement to achieve best possible price. To talk one of our agents about what they think should be included in your property’s marketing plan click here


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