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How to prepare a property for sale

How To Style Your Home For Sale

04/02/2020 | 5 MIN READ

Presentation is a critical part of the selling process. Whilst it is not guaranteed, we have seen styling a property for sale add up to 5% - 10% to sale a price, so it is definitely worth the time and effort.


The aim of property styling is to maximise the property's appeal to attract as many buyers as possible. You want buyers to imagine themselves living in your property, you want to create an emotional connection with your home. The reason being, this connection, drives competition amongst buyers and is a driving force behind achieving a higher price. 


There are many simple ways you can style your own property, or if the budget allows, hiring a skilled real estate stylist can help ensure your property shines come open home day.


Here is a snapshot of 8 key areas to focus on, but for a more detailed checklist on how to style your entire property, download our Preparing your Home for Sale Checklist. 


1. Make a great first impression

  • Ensure the number of your property is clearly visible from the street, trim any branches that might block it from view and if there is a light ensure the globe is working so you can turn it on at night
  • Sweep the path way outside the front of your property and ensure your on-street planter or grass verge in front of your property is tidy and free of weeds
  • Trim any shrubs and bushes, mow the lawn and remove any dead or dying plants
  • Add some colour to your front garden with some seasonal flowering plants
  • Make sure the fence is free of dirt and cobwebs. If it’s looking really tired, consider painting the fence, letterbox and even the front door
  • During the marketing campaign, make sure the outdoor lights are bright and in good working order
  • Clean all your windows and remove any cobwebs
  • Hide away your garbage bins - no buyer wants to see or smell last night’s cooking

2. Ensure your property is sparkling clean

  • Go room-to-room to dust and clean every surface and nook
  • Make sure all your windows and window frames are spotless
  • Vacuum the property and mop the floors
  • Dust the walls and remove cobwebs high on the ceilings
  • Make sure there are no stains, mould, or animal hair on any surface
  • Clean and tidy the cupboards inside and out, as buyers often take a sticky beak inside

3. Fix the obvious issues

  • Replace any chipped or broken tiles and re-grout if needed
  • Repair leaky pipes including down pipes
  • Cover and patch any holes on your walls
  • Repair the doors that don’t swing easily. You might need to lubricate the hinges or make minor alterations
  • Replace cracked mirrors or glass
  • If the front gate doesn't open properly, fix it
  • Replace dim light bulbs
  • Keep in mind you may need to hire expert tradespeople to address some of these issues, so allow enough time between planning your home for sale, and your open home campaign.

4. Depersonalise and de-clutter

  • Remove your family photos and personal knick knacks
  • Keep only a handful of ornaments on display to show the property is lived in
  • Display ornaments on tables, bedsides, shelves and in the bathroom neatly and in small groups
  • Arrange the furniture to maximise space
  • Ensure the beds are made neatly – think hospital corners
  • Arrange the rugs nicely
  • Talk to you McGrath Agent about whether you should consider hiring a home stylist for some expert guidance

5. Allow in light and air

  • Open all the shutters, blinds and curtains.
  • Air out your home for at least an hour before the inspection, so it feels fresh and airy
  • Remove any heavy drapes or blinds, if they are reducing the light 

6.  Style your kitchen

  • Clear the clutter – create the feeling of space by removing anything that doesn’t absolutely need to be on the counter
  • Only leave a couple of nice appliances on display
  • Wipe down all benchtops 
  • Ensure the hot plate, oven and microwave are clean
  • Remove everything from the fridge door and wipe it down
  • Add some flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen bench

7. Lux up your bathroom

  • Ensure the bathroom is sparkling clean, including the grout 
  • Remove all clutter from the top of the vanity 
  • Add some luxury items such as fresh plump towels, some handmade soaps, a candle, plant or fresh flowers and some boutique bath products
  • Ensure you wipe down the shower screen after you use it to remove any soap scum on the walls and glass doors 


8. Talk to your McGrath Area Specialist 

Your McGrath Area Specialist would love to share their insights into exactly what your local buyers are looking for so make sure you discuss your property with them and what they recommend you focus on to prepare your property for sale.   For a detailed checklist on how to style your entire property, download our Preparing your Home for Sale Checklist.


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