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Digital Focus Behind McGrath's New Head Of L & D

Digital Focus Behind McGrath's New Head Of L & D

Terri Sissian
Terri Sissian
18/05/2021 | 3 MIN READ

Leading residential agency McGrath Estate Agents today announced Kyle Pitman has been appointed as Head of Learning and Development for the Franchise business as its moves to a combined suite of online and offline learning, training and development. 

Christopher Mourd, Head of Franchise for McGrath said, “Learning and Development through a delivery of digital platforms are vital to a more sophisticated and user-friendly way of training our people.   We are excited by delivering these elements digitally, combined with face-to-face learning mix.

“Videos for example were once the realm of entertainment, but now it is the medium by which we deliver education across a wider geography and skill set.  Our agents want to digest information through podcasts and videos for quick absorption while on the move, and balance that with in-room learning with their peers. And we are committed to providing the very best solutions available to our teams across our entire network.”

To spearhead this across McGrath’s franchise business, Kyle Pitman brings with him a wealth of industry experience spanning 25 years as a agent, franchisee, and former GM of  a major  real estate brand in New Zealand. In addition, Kyle also has a depth of knowledge in audio and video technology.

Kyle explains, “Working many years in the entertainment industry, implementing new technology within the audio and video industry, it empowered me with a skill set and incorporate valuable learnings to the real estate industry and one which I am passionate about.

“In an industry moving at a very fast pace, improving our skills is more essential than ever before, and one that will intensify in the future.  Face-to-face group education will remain an important component and continue its relevance. However with demand rapidly transitioning, the requirement for quality up to date resources being available to agents in real-time digitally will become an added focus and I want to ensure they are delivered effectively in short sharp modules to our people.”

Kyle adds, “McGrath is widely known for its passion for personal growth and which resonates with my own values.  To me, they are the standout brand in real estate today wanting to make a significant difference.  We equally share the same passion about the quality of their people and the tools required to make them excel.    With this in mind, I’ve hit the ground running!”


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