Coronavirus Business Operations Update | McGrath
Coronavirus Business Operations Update

Coronavirus Business Operations Update

14/05/2020 | 4 MIN READ

At McGrath the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and our clients is our upmost priority. To help safeguard this we have implemented the following guidance across our network.


Open homes and inspections with added hygiene procedures 

NSW, QLD, VIC and the ACT have all eased restrictions around property inspections and appraisals.  The details for each are below:

  • NSW: The NSW Government has relaxed the restrictions on property inspections to once again allow ‘traditional property inspections’ on the basis that a number of key health guidelines are followed. For more on this announcement including the relaxation of restrictions and the key guidelines, click here.

  • ACT: From 9 May 2020, COVID-19 real estate restrictions have been eased by the ACT Government:
    • Open homes and on-site auctions can proceed with a maximum of 10 people
    • Physical distancing must be maintained at both open homes and auctions, with one person per four square metres  
    • Social distancing also applies to indoor spaces, for example only up to 5 people in a 20 square metres room  

  • VIC: The Victorian State Government has eased their COVID-19 restrictions to allow:
    • On-site property auctions and ‘traditional’ open for inspections 
    • Both on-site auctions and open for inspections will be restricted to 10 people in addition to staff required to facilitate the auction or inspection 
    • Contact details of all attendees will be recorded
    • Social distancing measures are still in place 

  • QLD: The QLD Department of Health (Queensland Health) has relaxed restrictions on ‘traditional property inspections’. They have provided a road map detailing how open homes will be conducted and how many people can attend at any one time.  For more information refer to the Queensland Government Road Map here.


Private inspections by appointment remains an option for all State and Territories. 


In addition, our agents can offer virtual or digital inspections and appraisals. For more on these solutions, contact your local agent.


Across our network, both private inspections and traditional property inspections, will be conducted with strict hygiene procedures in place to help mitigate the spread of the virus, including:

  • Regularly cleaning hands with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand rub
  • Not shaking hands with colleagues, clients and open home visitors
  • Making sure where possible hand sanitiser is used at open homes and auctions     
  • Giving “shared” pens a quick wipe down with the sanitiser
  • Washing and sanitising hands thoroughly after each property opening or inspection
  • Always washing hands with soap and water before eating and after visiting the bathroom
  • Covering their nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing, and disposing of used tissues immediately
  • Avoiding close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms
  • Seeing a health care professional if they are unwell and staying away from the workplace and other public places
  • Recording contact details of everyone entering a property. This is mandatory before entry
  • At all times be respectful of each other

Plus we will be displaying the following sign at our open homes:


If you are feeling unwell and experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms we ask that you do not enter this property.

Please contact the real estate agent managing the property and we will organise a way for you to view our properties without coming on site.

It’s important if you are symptomatic or do not feel well that you maintain respect for the homeowners who are selling or leasing their properties and that you do not go on site and potentially increase the spread of any illnesses.

We thank you for your cooperation.



How we will run property auctions

In every local community we operate in, McGrath clients have the opportunity to watch, register, bid, buy and exchange on live property auctions. This service will ensure bidders can still participate and bid at an auction remotely. 


If you are interested in using this service, please contact your local agent by the online channels mentioned previously.


In addition, NSW, QLD, ACT and VIC have relaxed the restrictions previously in place for agents and vendors, who are now able to hold traditional property inspections and on-site auctions. More information on this announcement can be found on each of the State and Territory's regulations here:


VIC real estate regulations 

NSW real estate regulations 

QLD real estate regulations 

ACT real estate regulations


What individuals can do to prepare?

You may be feeling like you have little control over the health crisis, but along with government efforts, individuals can prepare for the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, too. To find out what you can do to prevent contracting the virus and how you can prepare, visit the Department of Health.


We hope this article has given you comfort knowing that we as an organisation are actively working to reduce the spread of the virus whilst ensuring we continue to operate a safe environment for both our employees and clients.