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Coco Republic - On How To Create The Perfect Home Office

Coco Republic - On How To Create The Perfect Home Office

03/08/2020 | 5 MIN READ

As a result of the current COVID-19 situation, working from home is becoming more common for employees and self-employed alike. 


Having a comfortable space to work from at home is more important than ever and in fact we are seeing home offices featuring as a ‘must have’ on home buyers lists.  


For many people the pandemic forced them to work from home for the first time ever.  They found themselves scrambling to find a suitable space in their homes.  From the kitchen bench or dining table, to sharing their kid’s desks.  This was fine for a short stint, in fact it was quite fun, but with more of us realising that working from home can be very productive and many employers happy to consider flexible work arrangements, the time to create a dedicated office space, one that inspires productivity in the home, is now. 


Plus, although you may not be considering selling, knowing that home offices are a prominent feature on buyer’s ‘must-have’ lists, makes it a worthwhile ‘value add’ for your property. 


We sat down, (in a virtual sense), with the team at Coco Republic, to find out how to design the perfect home office and here are their 7 expert tips that we hope help you create a space you love to work in.

1. Create Your Home Office Sanctuary

If you want to ensure you can focus while working from home, you’ll need to set your office up in a quite space, ideally with lots of natural light, enough room to spread out, in proximity to power outlets and in an area away from distractions. Unless you live alone, there are probably some places in your home where you’re less likely to get interrupted.

While there are many design elements you can bring into the office that encourage concentration and productivity, setting up the office in the right location is half the battle.  

Before you actually start designing the workspace, you need to clearly understand what you need from the workspace. This obviously depends on the type of work you do but thinking about this upfront is important to ensure it is planned correctly. 

2. Choose the right desk, desk chair and lighting

One commonality with all workspaces is the need for our essentials: laptops, monitors and office supplies. Choosing the right desk will ensure access to your working tools without disruption. 

As you’ll be spending a lot of time in the office, you will also need to make sure you are comfortable at your desk, so choosing the right ergonomic chair is crucial. This will benefit your overall health and well-being and will also help you focus better.

Don’t forget the lighting, make sure you have a suitable desk lamp that can be redirected and pointed where needed to illuminate the area you are on working on. 

3. Add a small break out space. 

Finding a space to have a moment of Zen can be the key to a productive workspace. 

Changing your position during the day, to read through your work, or catch up on emails, can make you feel refreshed. Our advice is to choose a comfortable armchair, light the area and create a spot for your afternoon tea.

4. Declutter

A productive workspace is one clear of clutter. This will eliminate distractions and create a sense of calm by knowing where all of your important items are. Whilst decluttering ask yourself, “When was the last time I used this item and does it make me happy?” If you can’t remember when you last used it or if it no longer sparks joy, donate it or recycle. Each item on your desk needs a home, place your essentials like chargers and papers into trays or boxes.

5. Create a calming atmosphere. 

One way to create calm is to add a favourite scent to the room, therefore a candle is a must. You can also add a green plant to the space to add life to your office. Each addition will make your office feel more inviting.

6. Make it an inspiring space. 

Though your home office is at home, sometimes an office can turn clinical. Make the space your sanctuary by adding personal touches with the pieces you love. Throws, pillows and functional objects can make the space come alive.

Colour can also have a psychological impact on productivity as they elicit different physical and emotional responses.  In general light and airy colours are preferred for a home office, however combining it with some natural colours such as blues, greens, off-whites and other earthy tones can help make the space feel inviting.

7. Add smart storage solutions

Most of us don’t have the luxury of a large home office, which makes storage key.  The right storage solution will help you keep everything you need in that workplace nearby, without making your home office look like a total mess.

Not only will you be able to find what you need easily, having a tidy workspace helps clear your mind and improves overall productivity. 

A final note

Working from home is becoming a way of life for many employees.  And the fact that many buyers have it on their must have list as a result of COVID-19, creating a dedicated workspace is a positive addition to a property. Plus, you’ll get a place where you can focus and be productive without having to get out of the tracksuit pants…and that sounds pretty enticing. If you’re looking for more office design inspiration visit Coco Republic


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