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Why live in ST PETERS?
In something of an unusual choice for Sydney, St Peters was in fact named after its local church. Local pioneer and landowner Alexander Sparke called for tenders to replace a temporary church in 1838. The result was St Peters, an impressive church with a tall steeple. Edmund Blacket made alterations to the church in 1875, and the church still remains today.

Spark developed a village around the church, and named that village ‘St Peters’. When deposits of clay were found, St Peters soon became the brick-making heart of Sydney, with the area around it rapidly developing with a mix of industrial and residential. St Peters kept its strong industrial focus until the last decades of the 20th century, when many of its old sites were redeveloped as parks and renovators moved in.
Real Estate & Design
St Peters is still a mix of residential and industrial. The housing is generally semi-detached cottages dating from the early 20th century, many of which are in the process of renovation.
Restaurants & Cafes
As for shopping, you’ll need to venture into Marrickville or Newtown. Not such a bad thing, as you’ll find fabulous Greek, Vietnamese, Thai and Lebanese among a large collection of ethnic restaurants.
Education, Schools & Institutions
In the local area are plenty of state operated schools and church schools. Private Schools like Trinity and Newington are only a short drive.
Famous Landmarks
The old brickworks have been preserved and are now on the fringe of Sydney Park. On the Princes Highway, St Peters still stands, though the steeples were removed in 1963 because of the deterioration of the old bricks.
Aside from a few corner stores, you’ll have to wander to adjacent King Street Newtown or to Marrickville for supermarkets and specialty retail.
Sports & Fitness
Yes, its back to Newtown and Marrickville for swimming and gymnasiums. Nearby Tempe has squash and tennis, or head over to Sydney Park for a run or long walk around its hills.
Distance from CBD & Transportation
St Peters is 7 km south of the CBD and there are plenty of buses and trains to the city.